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How HEYDAY processes tender announcements 3 times faster

We looked at where the competitor currently had ongoing services. Within no time we had a list of 20 contracting parties, who were then suddenly target customers. So you can anticipate in a targeted manner. I find that super useful.
Marco van Dongen
Senior Bid-/Tendermanager, Head of Sales Support

HEYDAY has been pushing boundaries for its clients for over 20 years. Based on the strength of their collective and their specialisations, they work every day to invent and create the future of facility management.

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The challenge: Spending a lot of time finding tenders

HEYDAY Facility Management is a facility service provider that specialises in hospitality services, integrated facility services and interim and consultancy issues.

For HEYDAY, finding relevant tenders was a time-consuming and labour-intensive process.

Before using Altura, they were subscribed to 5 different platforms and marketplaces, receiving 60 to 70 emails per day.

Sometimes they saw the same tender presented three times from different platforms. They also monitored marketplaces every day, but due to the amount of tender emails, there was often not enough time to do so.

The solution: Save time. More predictive power. One clear process.

HEYDAY had four goals that it wanted to solve with Altura's Signalling module:

  • Reduce incoming emails
  • One uniform way of working
  • More efficiency in processing tenders
  • More predictive power in upcoming tenders

The Altura Customer Success team helped HEYDAY with onboarding, training and correctly setting up the search profile.

The steps for a successful implementation of Altura within HEYDAY

Since internal ownership of Altura was with one person, its implementation was swift, ensuring maximum value.

"We had some difficulty understanding Altura in the beginning. Because it is quite a digital environment,” says Marco van Dongen, Head of the Sales Support Office, and Senior Bid and Tender Manager.

The Customer Success team trained HEYDAY to familiarise themselves with the software. Setting the correct CPV codes, keywords, etc. for the best results. Now that is no longer a problem. 

The HEYDAY team also missed functions in filtering. With their feedback, adjustments were made to Altura, improving the software and making it better tailored to their needs.

No more worries about missing a tender

The biggest fear for any tender team is missing an opportunity. So the team initially used other platforms to make sure they didn't miss anything while testing Altura. This was successful and Altura is now their complete source for tender spotting.

Robin van Zijl, a Sales Support Employee, still occasionally checks TenderNed for tenders. Especially to refine their Altura search profiles with keywords or filters and to make sure they don't miss anything

“It happened once and I thought: okay, I have to adjust my search profile. And another time I thought we missed the tender in Altura. But when I started reading it I realised that the tender is not something we would tender for, because it has nothing to do with us at all. While it may have seemed that way.”

With the Document Scanner, Altura automatically filters out tenders that do not match your organisation. This way you only see relevant tenders.

Results: 3 times faster processing of incoming tenders and emails

HEYDAY achieved the results it wanted with Altura's Signalling module. A summary of these results is listed below:

  • Reducing the number of emails from between 60 and 70 to 20 per day
  • Predictive ability and clear overview of upcoming tenders
  • Competitor insights for strategic decision-making
  • No more frustration over irrelevant tenders
  • Processing tender 3 times faster
  • Saving 70% of time

Thanks to Altura's Signalling module, they now save 70% more time on processing tender announcements. The sales support team now processes incoming tenders three times faster every morning.

How? A more narrow search profile reduced 60 to 70 daily emails to just 20 with Altura. Saving the team a lot of time in the morning sifting through the tenders. Non-relevant tenders are reduced to a minimum by the correct search profile.

Due to these efficiency gains, emails from marketplaces are now easily handled by the team.

Better search profile: no frustration about spotting opportunities

Thanks to Altura's Document Scanner, HEYDAY's search profiles have been set up better than before in TenderNed. They receive more suitable tenders. As Robin says: "The search filters are more extensive than, for example, in a TenderNed, which means you can search much better and get better results every morning."

“The frustration of receiving irrelevant tenders in your mailbox simply disappears.” Robin, Sales Support

Strategy: Knowing which tenders are coming and where the competitor is active

The predictive power surrounding tenders has been increased.

“We can simply look at the CPV code to see which tenders are coming up in the next two years. Altura has a wealth of information, where you can directly see which competitor is fulfilling the contract now” says Marco. 

“We can look at current customers and ask, what are they doing now? What do they outsource and to whom? We also look at potential customers, which competitors are there? In this way, we actually map the entire market.”

They also use Altura strategically for competitors. Within 2 hours, they made an overview of one competitor where it was active at that moment. Marco talks about the process: “We looked at where the competitor currently had ongoing services. In no time, we had a list of 20 contracting parties who then suddenly became target customers. I find that super useful.”

HEYDAY's efficiency gains with Altura

By implementing Altura's Signalling module, HEYDAY now has a streamlined process and better predictive ability in future tenders. This results in processing tenders three times faster and saving up to 70% time.

In addition, Altura offers insight into the market, competitors and potential customers. HEYDAY now responds to opportunities in an even more efficient manner.

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