All qualifications in one place

Stop the endless debates and emails about the qualification of tenders and RFPs. "I think we shouldn’t apply" or, six months later, "Why didn't we apply?".

Altura organises all bid/no-bids. Your organisation makes decisions using standardised questionnaires tailored for you. Additionally, team members can review all the projects you chose not to bid on six months later, along with the reasons why. Share easily.

Data insights

Gain insights on no-bids using dashboards. Quickly understand how to get write in on more contracts. For example, learn directly about missing certifications or how to develop on product level.


Bid-no/bids in Excel require a lot of manual work. Altura automates this process for you. Calculations are done automatically. You can also create a report for the team with 1 click.

ai samenvatting aanbesteding
"In six months, when we ask, 'Why didn't we register?', we will use the bid/no-bid analysis. This way, I won't need to collect each Excel list one by one. Instead, I can quickly create a dashboard and find out what we need to improve to reduce no-bids by X% next year. This method will instantly show us the reason we didn't register."

Lynn Scheppers, Manager Bid Team at Daan

Altura makes bid/no-bids clear and easy

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