Improve your understanding from previous tenders and RFPs

It's clear that you understand everything intuitively. However, Altura's dashboards turn intuition into tangible and easily accessible information, preserving knowledge even when employees leave.

They help you address questions like:
⇾ Which markets have lower quality scores?
⇾ By how much should we have reduced our prices?
⇾ Which certifications or products should we consider investing in?

Central knowledge base

Altura's Analytics makes sure your bid organisation becomes a central knowledge base for sales insights, product developments, the legal departments, and for investments at a strategic level

Based on award decisions

The dashboards are based on data from award decisions and public data. Contact us to find out more about this.

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“We know everything by feeling, but as a bid management leader, I need a detailed report that provides solid data. That's the reason we bought Altura."

Lynn Scheppers, Manager Bid Team at Daan

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