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Win meer tenders en RFP's met een full-cycle bid systeem

Imagine never writing a bad proposal, ever again, and winning all your RFPs and tenders. Altura’s unrivalled AI-driven bid management tool turns your bid team into winners.

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Altura is trusted by global companies

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Ricoh Business Centre
Actief Werkt
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There’s a new way of winning tenders and RFPs

The introduction of Altura’s #1 bid software is a breath of fresh air in the bid management landscape.

With Altura

Win more tenders without extra work
Central overview of all your bids
More growth through better data insights
A clear forecast of potential tender & RFP revenue
Only opt for high win rate tenders / RFPs
Streamlined and automated process

Without Altura

Manual work without any insight
Messy work in Excel, Sharepoint, and CRM
Low growth due to missed tender / RFP revenue
Being surprised by the tender market
Not enough capacity in your bid team
Unstructured and lots of manual tasks

Data-driven bid management for teams that want to win

Bid teams frequently find themselves lagging behind due to a lack of insight into their data, redundant tasks, and dedicating 40% of their time to internal politics. With Altura, these challenges become a thing of the past, paving the way for transformative efficiency in winning tenders.

Spot opportunities

The only platform with bids from 2009 onwards and search profiles based on words present in underlying documents. Accurate tender forecasting and 48 hours quicker than the competition.

Analyse data

With every bid, you collect data, which then goes unused. Altura is the only platform that lets you map the entire market and analyse previous award-decisions.

Manage projects

Working in Excel, Sharepoint, and your CRM is messy and leads to bad bids, double work, and lower margins. Instead, manage all your projects in 1 single environment, on autopilot, with all your colleagues.

"Altura offers a fully digitalised bid management process. We no longer work with separate Excel sheets, but have everything in one place."

Denise White

Director Public, Young Capital

"Nice platform and very user-friendly. The platform is easy to use, so we copied our process, 1:1 straight in Altura."

Tom Hattink

Bid Development Manager, GITP

"Thanks to Altura's efforts, I now have a complete and clear overview of all tenders relevant to me and my business."

Erik Mensinga

Commercial Director, ICQ Group

"We find better tenders and do project management more efficiently because we collaborate in one platform."

Priscilla Bosman-Hendriks

Head of Sales, CIRFOOD

"Altura offers valuable information to determine your strategy and find out where you can really make a difference."

Froukje de Lange

Copywriter, Corus Consultancy

“The frustration of getting irrelevant tenders in your mailbox just goes away.”

Robin van Zijl

Sales Support, HEYDAY

Save time

Stop wasting time on tenders and RFPs you’ll lose

When it comes to bid management, time is scarce and capacity limited. With Altura, you’ll know your exact expected scores for specific quality criteria. This lets you focus solely on tenders and RFPs that truly matter.

Speed up detection of the right fit
Save 70% time on processing incoming tenders
Significantly improve win rates and win more deals

Get strategic insights into competitors and develop predictive capabilities

Find out what competitors are doing, how they score on quality criteria, and where their weaknesses lie. Use these insights to make better bids, improve your win rates, and develop predictive capabilities.

Gather insight into what competitors are doing
Keep track of everything on an up-to-date performance dashboard
Develop solid predictive skills

Find out where you can improve and optimise your process

When you repeatedly compete for tenders, you want to be able to find well-scoring documents quickly. Altura lets you build a content library with previous bids and find out where you can improve. Optimise your bid management process accordingly.

Get insights into everything regarding proposals
Document and archive your entire process
Know exactly why you’re winning or losing

Statistics clearly show...

...that it's time for a new operating system in bid management.

6 hours/week

Bid managers spend 6 hours per week on average scouring previous tenders for insights


3 out of 4 bid management teams are explicitly unsatisfied with their current win rates


In 47% of tenders and RFPs won, the offered price and margin could have been higher

Trusted by prominent brands such as...

"We can zoom in on which tenders are available for the next two years. We look at the CPV code and Altura has a wealth of information because you can immediately see which competitor is there now."

Marco van Dongen, Senior Bid and Tender Manager at HEYDAY

Learn how HEYDAY works with Altura

Increase your margins and win rates with Altura

Our bid management software comes with an unrivalled set of features.

Document chat

Automated planning

Automatically generate plans for the entire bid management team.

Proposal search

Never go looking for copy ever again. Directly find the right, highest-scoring documents in your content library.

Search filters

Filter your search profile for words found in underlying documents. Stop wasting time on irrelevant tenders.


Your very own dashboard with up-to-date data showing your performance.



Automate manual tasks like planning, collecting signatures, building reports and communicating with stakeholders.

Expected tenders


Create reports for management or other team members with just a single click.

Spend less time in Excel and more time winning tenders

Collaborate better, more easily, and do it all in a uniform way.

Frequently Asked Questions

We'd like to answer your questions proactively. Here are the answers to some questions we get asked most frequently.

What is Altura and how does it work?

Altura is full-cycle bid management software. Users employ its project management, analysis and AI tools to win better tenders more quickly. They can spot opportunities, collaborate on proposals and improve their teams and tenders through data insights.

We use artificial intelligence to automate the process of making and submitting bids for RFPs and tenders. So that users can focus on strategy and value instead of menial, manual tasks.

How does Altura differ from other bid management solutions?

You can use Altura during the entire bid management process, which is unique because most tools only focus on one specific aspect of this process.

Who is Altura for?

Altura works for every industry, and we serve customers in several market segments. Our AI algorithms are designed to learn from previous tenders. Besides, you can customise Altura to conform to the specific needs of your organisation, so the tool matches your industry and bid management processes.

How safe is data with Altura?

Altura's data safety operates according to ISO/IEC 27001:2022 norms and is completely GDPR compliant. Our complete infrastructure is hosted within the EEA (EU). We regularly have our security tested by third parties.

What kind of support does Altura offer?

Altura offers support to all our customers. Our team of experts are always ready to answer questions and offer support when you need it. We also offer training and onboarding support to make sure your team is well-equipped to make optimal use of our platform.

Spend less time on admin tasks and more time winning bids

Make your bid team a well-oiled machine with Altura automation. Schedule a call with our team now to see our solutions in action.

3x faster processing
Automate manual tasks
Predictive capabilities