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The costs of Altura are minor compared to the value for bid teams

In order to make a good estimate of the costs that apply to you, we first need some additional information.

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"We can look at what current customers are doing now. What do they outsource and to whom? We also look at potential customers, which competitors are there? In this way, we actually map the entire market. Very useful."

Marco van Dongen

Senior Bid and Tender Manager, HEYDAY


Here are some frequently asked questions about our prices. Hopefully you will find the answer you were looking for below.

How are your prices structured?

Altura's pricing model is a subscription and costs depend on a number of factors specific to each company.

Altura consists of three packages: Altura Basic for small teams, Altura Business for teams that register more often and Altura Enterprise for advanced teams that, for example, register more than 100 per year.

You purchase a license per person. Your price therefore depends on the size of the team, which modules are purchased and the amount of licenses.

We need more information to provide an accurate statement.

How much does Altura cost?

This varies per organisation. Our starter package includes licenses for 3 people for a total of €4000 per year.

Are there one-off costs?

The Altura basic licence does not involve one-off costs. If you wish to use our more advanced project management and analysis components,
one-off costs may be charged for setting up the environment and analysing historical data.

How quickly can I start?

The entire implementation of Altura takes 6 to 8 weeks. Then you have a complete overview of all your historical performance data and the entire team is up and running.
Your search profile will be ready within a few hours after purchase.

Then, you will receive new opportunities and you can immediately map the market via public data. Within two weeks you will have a complete forecast of tenders for the coming years.

How safe is my data?

Altura is ISO 27001 certified and is fully GDPR compliant.
Furthermore, our entire infrastructure is hosted within the EEA (EU). We regularly have our security tested by external parties.
You can read more about our security and compliance here.

How do you get your data?

Altura obtains data in various ways. Firstly, we use public data about, for example, winners, awarded prices, and tender dates.

We also use performance data from award decisions. These are supplied by companies and processed in Altura in the analysis environment.

Third, Altura uses in-process data. This is data about employees such as performance data and resource data.

Finally, Altura also uses qualitative data. This arises, for example, from conversations with buyers, or why a bid/no-bid decision has not been made. Each Altura customer has its own database in which data is stored.
This is kept strictly separate from other customers.

Will my award decisions be shared with other organisations?

Award decision data and other information related to your organisation are never shared with others. This data is only stored in your own secure environment.