Write proposals in days, not weeks

Explore our AI text generator, ProposalWriter. Provide the AI with information about your strategy, preferred text style, and insights about the customer. Select a question you need to answer. The AI will create text for your proposal.


Your proposals are kept safe in a protected system that only your organisation can access. The language models are developed in this secure setting. ISO 27001 certified.


All texts are based on previous proposals. You can add your input. Expertise in prompts is not required; our AI engineers have prepared them for you.

ai samenvatting aanbesteding
"My colleague, who handles technical tasks, no longer needs to write texts on subjects like drivers. Instead, I use Altura AI to make a draft. I then make minor modifications, and my colleague simply reviews and gives feedback."

Marloes van der Liende, Tender Coordinator at GMB

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