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For a future where bid managers regain their prominent role

At Altura we built the very best bid management software. Ever. So that bid managers and bid teams have more time to be of strategic value.

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A revised, strategic role for bid managers and bid teams

In the past five years, there's been a big shift in bid management. The government's move to digital has doubled the number of tenders. But here's the catch: there aren't enough people with the right skills. Plus, companies are struggling to do more with less.

While consulting on innovation at a top Dutch engineering firm, we stumbled upon a major oversight: registration processes were being massively undervalued. This observation led us to a two-year deep dive into everything RFPs and tenders. Surprisingly, we found no cutting-edge tech solutions that really empower bid teams to win better and faster. Bid management often seems to be overshadowed by sales in many organisations.

Here's an interesting bit: bid management data is actually a hidden gem. This data is often buried in Excel sheets and CRM dashboards, yet it's a goldmine for strategic decisions.

It's a common sentiment among bid directors: things could be more efficient, simpler, and better. But the 'how' is often the missing piece. Our research also revealed that about three-quarters of teams aren't happy with their win rates.

All this ultimately led to the Version-1 launch of Altura in 2022. The very first full-cycle bid management software. Our goal is crystal clear:

We want bid management to play a central role within companies, and for bid managers, supported by our technology, to get a strategic position in the forefront of sales and revenue.

Altura's formula: combining data and technology to create a winning bid process. This strategy enables teams to generate superior registrations informed by precise data insights. It reduces mentally draining work by automating manual tasks. Furthermore, it transforms teams into valuable knowledge resources for the entire organisation.

If you work in bid management, then Altura is for you. We hope you will love our product and can't wait for you to try it.

Matthijs, Jordi & Trevi

Founders Altura

Don't take our word for it

We regularly bring the bid management community together at our events. Here's what these bid experts have to say about Altura.

"Altura is the knowledge center in the field of bid management"

Stef Verhage

Tender manager, Stipter

"The Bid Management Masterclasses really gave me energy! The topics are good and it is a perfect opportunity for networking."

Monique Prins

Bid manager, Centric

“I always learn something new at Altura's events, even on topics I thought I understood well.”

Geert Groot-Bruinderink

Independent Tender Director

Meet the team

At Altura we work together, where freedom, responsibility, a focus on the customer and a pursuit of excellence are central. We do that with the following people.

Matthijs Huiskamp

“It's amazing how driven our team is to take bid management to the next level.”

Jordi van der Hek

“The fact that Altura is not a tool, but a full-cycle software, is the best challenge for me.”

Thalia Hesselink
Marketing Lead

“Unexpectedly creating a community through our marketing is my highlight.”

Thijl Klerkx
Head of Sales

"Daily sparring to make bid teams more efficient remains fascinating and surprising."

Phil Straver
Customer Success Lead

“Driven users who get more effectiveness from their bidding process, that is the ultimate goal.”

We're hiring!

Would you like to contribute to our mission to build the very best bid management platform ever?

View our open vacancies now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We'd like to answer your questions proactively. Here are the answers to some questions we get asked most frequently.

What is Altura and how does it work?

Altura is full-cycle bid management software. Users employ its project management, analysis and AI tools to win better tenders more quickly. They can spot opportunities, collaborate on proposals and improve their teams and tenders through data insights.

We use artificial intelligence to automate the process of making and submitting bids for RFPs and tenders. So that users can focus on strategy and value instead of menial, manual tasks.

How does Altura differ from other bid management solutions?

You can use Altura during the entire bid management process, which is unique because most tools only focus on one specific aspect of this process.

Who is Altura for?

Altura works for every industry, and we serve customers in several market segments. Our AI algorithms are designed to learn from previous tenders. Besides, you can customise Altura to conform to the specific needs of your organisation, so the tool matches your industry and bid management processes.

How safe is data with Altura?

Altura's data safety operates according to ISO/IEC 27001:2022 norms and is completely GDPR compliant. Our complete infrastructure is hosted within the EEA (EU). We regularly have our security tested by third parties.

What kind of support does Altura offer?

Altura offers support to all our customers. Our team of experts are always ready to answer questions and offer support when you need it. We also offer training and onboarding support to make sure your team is well-equipped to make optimal use of our platform.