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Full-cycle bid management system for modern bid organisations

Modern bid management deserves a full-cycle solution. No stand-alone tools. Take a look at our bid management software below, or simply schedule a call right away.

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full-cycle bidmanagement software

These companies generate over £1,000,000,000 in revenue with Altura

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Ricoh Business Centre

A place for your entire bid management process

With Altura, you will never work in separate Excel sheets again. You will have everything in one place. A fully digitalised bid management process for tenders & RFPs.

Influencing & forecasting

Be well prepared, long before your next bid

Altura provides access to comprehensive tender data for contracts dating back to 2009, making it the most precise and current bid management software in the market.

This platform not only empowers your bid team with vital information but also facilitates proactive decision-making by offering a comprehensive overview of upcoming tenders, spanning from the immediate future to the next 1-4 years. Moreover, Altura offers in-depth insights into your competitors' activities, enabling you to strategically prioritise and target the most promising bids.

Signaling & qualifying

Always make the right decisions

With 4 updates per day, Altura is always up to date. You will never miss a new tender again. Quickly analyse the tender through AI summaries.

You don't only filter on CPV codes but also individual words for a more accurate search profile with only relevant tenders.

With the Document Chat, you can get all risks, details, and opportunities from the tender documents with just a few questions. This way, you can make a more informed first bid/no-bid decision in no time.

Strategy & management

Collaborate in one place and keep your deadline sanity

With Altura, you can optimise your proposal strategies by analysing the potential weaknesses, and key quality criteria of past bids and competitor behaviour. This analysis assists in calculating the most competitive price for your proposals.

Effective project management is crucial. Altura facilitates this by allowing direct coaching of team members, automating manual tasks, and offering a central hub for collaboration.

To create a real-time overview of your bid management activities and pipeline, a standout feature is the Proposal Search. It simplifies the creation of initial proposal drafts, adding efficiency to your bid preparation process.

Evaluation & analysis

Evaluate, analyse and optimise bid performance

Create detailed dashboards to get insights into tenders, using a comprehensive evaluation of your decisions and relevant data. Altura's unique evaluation process makes it possible.

Gain a centralised overview that answers critical questions like: “How did our pricing and quality compare to competitors last year?” and “What are our competitors good at?”.

But Altura can do even more. Get into detailed analyses such as identifying certifications or products worth investing in, and finding specific texts that were successful in bids.

All these features collectively contribute to a fully optimised bid management system, ensuring you're not just participating in tenders, but strategically positioning yourself to win.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Maximise the efficiency of your workflow through easy integration with leading business solutions. Discover how our platform connections can streamline your daily business operations.

Seamless software integrations
Improved Productivity
Flexible workflow configuration

Integrate with your favourite tools

When do you use Altura

Our bid management platform is not suitable for every company or situation. Below we painted a picture of the ideal user of Altura. Do you recognise yourself? Contact us.

You cannot prove whether you are a price fighter

You find it difficult to determine whether you are asking the right price or what you are really strong at. It is difficult to estimate whether you will win against your competitor.

You are too often surprised by new tenders

You are always speechless when there is a new price fighter among the applicants. Or when your current customer suddenly republishes. Or simply, when you lose a bid you thought you would win.

You need to grow but you can't find new people

You have problems finding the right people and keep running into capacity problems in your team. So you have to work more efficiently and do more with less.

Your process is too ad hoc and collaboration is not optimal

Your bid team spends a lot of time on manual tasks. Think of searching for information in old documents, email threads, or manually making plans. Collaboration between teams suffers as a result.

There is no collective data and poor data management

Do you only get reminders for improving applications at an individual level? Are the win-loss analyses per tender instead of per quarter or year? Such data management makes you a good candidate for using Altura.

You can't really choose when or whether to make an offer

Your data management is not in order, and you cannot make the decision whether you should bid on the tender or not. You make choices based on conversations with sales.

Spendeer minder tijd aan admin taakjes en meer aan het winnen van bids

Make your bid team a well-oiled machine with Altura's automation. Schedule a conversation with our team now to see our solutions in action. Or call us directly at: +31302271671.

3x faster processing
Automate manual tasks
Improve bid forecasting