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Frictionless bidding, from A to Z

The bid management platform for companies that want to win bids.

Altura helps you to identify opportunities, collaborate on writing your bid and analyse data on your performance. Smart software for every step of your bid-process. This is how we increase your chance of winning, whilst simultaneously reducing the waste of time and resources in tendering.


We make data work for you and simplify the bidding process

Do not miss any opportunities with smart tender signalling

All relevant information about tenders from Benelux in one central location. From contract data, to information extracted from underlying tender documents.

Collaborate more efficiently to deliver your best proposal

Create planning, divide the tasks and collaborate on the proposal, all in one central environment. Keep all your documents available, signed and automatically checked for validity.

Use data to its full potential data and increase your chances of winning

Combine the data from your own proposals and Altura’s extensive database for insights that create higher winning chances, lower costs and increase margins.


Identify the most promising tenders

Altura collects all tenders and relevant information in one place, where you can delve into underlying documents, set notifications and create search profiles.


Seamless collaboration on tenders in one environment

compare and analyse

Compare parties and analyse historical tender data

Improve your performance by learning from previous bids, compare parties and gain a better understanding of the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Altura different from other bidding tools?

Other well-known platforms, such as TenderApp, only offer a small fraction of the functionalities and data that Altura provides. Altura offers a complete solution for the whole bid cycle. This allows you to keep everything in one place and make optimal use of data and insights. This is what makes Altura unique.

Where does Altura get its data from?

Altura has developed a smart system that automatically retrieves new tenders and changes to existing tenders every night. This also includes information from underlying documents.

Performance data
During your onboarding, you will upload your award decisions, from which all valuable information will be extracted and securely stored. You will have complete control over this process and all data stored will only be accessible to your own organisation. This way, your data is always safe and you gain an advantage over your competitors.

How does Altura help me reduce my costs?

Cost savings will occur in several areas with the use of Altura.

You can get your work done faster because your processes are more streamlined, you need to spend less time and resources for data and everything is always available in one place.

Altura also provides insight into when your chances of winning a tender are the highest, so you will not waste resources on less promising opportunities.

How does Altura ensure a higher chance of winning and increases the margin?

Data-driven work is at the heart of Altura. Our application combines data from public publications and the underlying documents with data from your own award decisions. We convert this data into insights that, among other things, will ensure that you achieve a larger win margin (instead of 50x bids and 10x wins to 45x bids and 12x wins), that your proposals are better and that you can charge a higher margin.

What are the costs of Altura?

Altura works with annual subscriptions that depend on your unique situation. We look at both the size of your organisation and the components of the platform you use. This way, we can keep the platform affordable for everyone, which is fair! For starters, we even have a free version.

Who is Altura for?

Altura is there for every company that offers services, supplies or works that are put out to tender. And there are many. Whether you are an experienced bid manager and want to take your strategy to the next level, or are getting started with your first tender, Altura is there for everyone!