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We create value for bidders and buyers

We make tendering smarter. That's how we help you save time and money and support business growth.

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We innovate the procurement process

And create value for suppliers, contracting parties and society.

Every year, an average of one trillion euros is wasted on the procurement process in Europe. Time and money are lost on inefficient tendering processes, bureaucratic hassle and legal bottlenecks. This makes finding the right tender difficult and increases the threshold for tendering.

In order to combat the waste, make tendering more accessible and smarter, we at Altura have devised a solution. An all-in-one solution in which signalling, collaborating on the best proposal and analysing valuable data come together. In this way, the bidder increases the chances of winning, the contracting party finds the perfect supplier and we create value for our society.

about us

How it all started...

When founders Matthijs, Jordi and Trevi looked into the tendering process in 2019, they discovered how unnecessarily complex it was.

The current method of tendering made an efficient bidding process almost impossible and waste is very present. This is a major problem that not only affects the bidders and procurers, but also society as a whole. Because with a growing threshold for competing, the time and money waste for bidders increase, and the amount of submitted proposals for the procurer decrease. Finding a good match between supplier and tenderer is becoming more and more difficult-with a loss of value for society as an inextricable result.

From this insight, Altura was born. With the motivation to combat waste, to innovate the tendering process with smart data applications, and to deploy software solutions for a frictionless tendering process.

By doing so, Altura stimulates business growth, building meaningful relationships and creating better matches-with value creation for society as an important consequence.

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Our valuable partnerships help us to create a unique connection with the market and fully grasp how our product can solve the problems that arise. We cooperate with partners to develop expert content and organise fun events in order to inspire people.

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