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Work together more efficiently to deliver your best proposal

All the information available to you and your colleagues for streamlined collaboration. Altura provides the overview and all the smart tools you need for the winning proposal.


View the complete tender timeline of the contracting party; supplement it with your own planning and deadlines and create the perfect overview.


Manage tasks to achieve a successful result, assign concrete actions to colleagues and manage deadlines.


Find all documents in one place. From registration documents to standard documents-including signing module and automatic validity checker.


Evaluate each entry with your team, learn from mistakes, discover best practices and add to your analysis database.


Throughout the whole process

A central environment for organised cooperation at every stage of the process. Whether you are assessing an opportunity, writing the proposal or influencing the contracting party.


Organise all steps of the tendering process, from signalling to the best proposal and internal evaluation.

Customer relationship management

Manage the relationship with your customers and prospects. Keep track of interactions and get to the table at the right time.


Writing proposals. Supercharged with tools

Altura offers you the tools to optimise every part of the writing process. We ensure that you have all documents available with a signing module and validity checker, we provide data so you can calculate the best price and make sure your bid/no-bid decision is well-founded.


Document vault

Save all standard documents such as certifications, proofs and references in one place. Give documents a validity date and receive a notification when they are about to expire. With the signing module, you can arrange signatures easily and directly in the platform.


A thorough bid or no-bid decision

Deciding whether or not to enrol is a complex process. Even if the chance of success seems small, there may be other reasons to tender after all. Our matrix provides insight into whether or not tendering creates value for your organisation. Use the insights to make a sound decision and share the report with the rest of your team. You can always find the report again on the platform.

The ideal price

Easily calculate the ideal tender price based on the calculation model of the current tender and the historical tenders of you and your competitors.