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Strategic tendering with data

With every bid you collect data, but often this data remains unused. Altura provides you with the right data and offers you the tools to make the best use of your own award criteria.

Total control of price and margins

Create reports on your own and the competition's bidding price to create an overall view of the market. Spot the differences, increase your chances of winning, and exploit the potential to increase margins.

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Understand your competition

Gain insight into where your competition’s focus is and find tendencies for their loses and wins. Track their prices and uncover their commercial hunger. Compare yourself with specific competitors to find opportunities and challenges and sharpen your strategy.

Making better use of quality criteria

Make use of the feedback your organisation has received from contracting parties over the years. Gain more insight into your scores on quality criteria and understand how your competition performs. Then deploy this information to refine plans and increase chances.

Performance as an integral part

See at a glance the performance of your organisation and external consultants, as well as those of your competitors. Overview also contains data from award decisions, which provides new insights to improve future performance.

How contracting parties purchase

Understand the specific tendencies of contracting parties processes and discover the unique relationships between suppliers and contracting parties formed over the years.

Insights that enable you to make better decisions. Decisions that make you more profitable.

Fully integrated with your systems

Altura connects seamlessly with your trusted CRM and ERP system. This way, you keep your processes clear and you always keep your documents and data in one central environment - without the hassle of repetitive data entry.

Numerous ways to overview and compare

Altura's flexible analysis platform offers numerous ways to retrieve and compare data. Browse through our different data components below.